Investor Relations and Media Relations Specialist

Full Time
Blacksburg, Va
Posted 4 weeks ago

Position Summary:


The Investor and Media Relations Specialist candidate will possess the skills needed to communicate all relevant corporate matters to the media, investors, and the general public, especially relating to strategy, business plan, budget, quarterly and annual earnings and financial results. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected in order to achieve ambitious goals. Must be personable and have excellent oral and written communication skills.


The candidate will be completely aligned with the four fundamental pillars of Landos’ entrepreneurial and efficient corporate culture: 1) Be bold and decisive, 2) Never give up, 3) Be solution-oriented, and 4) Do the impossible.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Developing along with management a proper Investor Relations (IR) plan, executing and maintaining said plan, and adapting the plan to current market conditions.
  • Prepare and coordinate investor materials like quarterly earnings releases, earnings conference call scripts and yearly reports etc.
  • Coordinate logistics associated with investor conferences, non-deal meetings and road shows.
  • Respond to individual and retail investor inquiries.
  • Ensure to fulfill requests for publicly revealed information associated with operating results, business developments and strategies.
  • Oversee shareholder ownership along with maintain investor relations contacts and interactions details.
  • Develop company knowledge and its lines of competitors, business, pertinent current events and market activities by internal and external sources review.
  • Develop and maintain customer service as well as investor relations infrastructure.
  • Respond to inquiries from retail investors, financial advisors and research analysts and escalate inquiries from large holders and beneficial owners.
  • Write press releases and varied related materials to financial results and business activities of varied hedge funds and mutual funds regularly.
  • Maintain and update public website regularly.
  • Develop and manage varied new funds customer service, communications strategies and investor relations speaking of financial market.
  • Performing detailed comprehensive and competitive analysis of different financial models/ financials tools/ financial metrics etc.
  • Developing a system to monitor reception and effect of news items and meetings on stock price and trading volume fluctuations to enable wise prediction of the effects of future corporate and clinical news items. Use knowledge to maximally leverage future news items to positively effect corporate valuation.
  • Identifying the different classes of investors and shareholders and tailoring presentations and information to bolster confidence in Landos’ vision and strategy for delivering shareholder value.
  • Arranging of Conferences, Roadshows, Earnings Report calls, and investors interactions whenever required.
  • Organizes events to establish management’s status as KOL in relevant fields.
  • Maintaining and managing an updated calendar of upcoming press releases and strategizes to ensure appropriate cadence of newsworthy events.
  • Creating and updating press releases, presentations, and other communication documents for all newsworthy events
  • Training and developing programs with company spokespersons on a regular interval to ensure the company’s message is effectively communicated.
  • Establishing the credibility and confidence in the minds of the investors, shareholders, the press and the public
  • Developing targeted strategies for different types of journalists and tailoring presentations and information to best meet their needs.
  • Work with the executive team in crafting and refining the Landos story to assure interest of the national high-profile publications.
  • Removing any ambiguity of the company messaging.
  • Generating and distributing to media targets any press releases, earned media campaigns, story pitches, material for feature opportunities, and bylined articles from company executives or KOLs
  • Securing introductory, backgrounder or update interviews with high impact journalists and high-profile mass media outlets
  • Orchestrating and implementing a social media strategy to improve exposure of the company to the public at large, including patients and the medical community in anticipation of commercialization.
  • Maintaining the company’s main website as well as any asset or trial specific websites.
  • Updating of the ‘Investor Relations (IR)’ section on the company website at regular and timely intervals
  • Supporting developmental and commercial marketing efforts.
  • Infographics and data visualization support
  • Reading and summarizing analyst’s reports for dissemination to management in a form to highlight actionable goals for improvement of perceived value.
  • Tracking investors’ perception and query on a regular basis and convey the same to the Management.
  • Reporting to management any feedback from the investor community after any Earning Release, publications of Financial Results or in the case of a share buyback or similar financial development.
  • Handling all incoming press inquiries and connecting journalists to the Chairman, President, and CEO and or other members of the management team.
  • Establishing relationships with key institutional investors, mid-sized firms, specialized fund managers and other relevant investors
  • Ensuring open communication and positive impression among key analysts at high impact firms.
  • Providing access and coordinate presentations with decision makers (CIOs, PMs) at influential mutual funds, ETFs, and hedge funds
  • Establishing long lasting relationships with key journalists and reporters and keeping them abreast of updates to anticipate big news in a compliant manner.
  • Developing relationships with patient advocacy groups such as CCFA to establish positive outlook and opinion, demonstrate compassion for the community.
  • Performing any other investor and media relation aspects related to Landos Biopharma, Inc.
  • Maintaining the strictest confidentiality of all activities.
  • Team player, engendering credibility and confidence within and outside the company.
  • Faithfully performs any other tasks requested by the Chairman, President & CEO.
  • Act in accordance with Landos’ policies and in alignment with the corporate culture.

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