There is a need for a company bold enough to develop new treatments for autoimmune diseases that transform paradigms and clinical practice. Landos is that company.

The need is pressing. One out of five people will develop an autoimmune disease in their lifetime. At present, there are no cures and the treatment options are very limited.

We know physicians are tired of settling for mediocre therapies for patients living with autoimmune diseases. With one first-in-class, oral therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and its two clinical manifestations: Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, showing remarkable preclinical results and entering clinical trials in 2018, our team is poised to soon address an unmet clinical need and offer IBD patients a better way.

Our developments and innovations are moving at an accelerated pace because of our ability to combine computational modeling with our decades of experience in autoimmune diseases. Our committed leadership team with biopharma industry experience tirelessly executes the drug development program, further enhancing it. We also have discovered novel mechanisms of action, therapeutic targets and small molecules with strong intellectual property protection. All of these program features combined result in an accelerated path to cures.

The bottom line is this: patients deserve treatment options that are safer, more effective, and less disruptive to their lives. That is what drives the Landos team each and every day.

Exit comparables at Phase 2a for Landos IBD therapeutic asset.